for computer controlled organ and audio

Reactive organ music to a historical recording of rímur. The recording, played in paralell with the piece, is made in Hellisandur with the voice of Gunnar Alexandersson, one of the masters of icelandic epic song (rímur). Recordings of his performance bring to light the subtle qualities of how the old kvæðamenn improvised variations within musical/poetic structures. The piece extracts rhythmic points from the recording and using pitch tracking, maps the stemma onto the format of standard western organ keyboards.

7 minutes

Premiered in Hallgrímskirkja, 31st of January 2016

Audio recording from Hallgrímskirkja: (coming soon)

Recording of Gunnar Alexandersson: ga.ogg

Information about MIDI functions of the Klais organ: MIDI-Klais.pdf (in Icelandic)